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Our Approach

There has never been a more critical time to make every customer interaction count.
We work with you to define what success looks like for your business and to establish
a baseline for how your team is performing now. We design solutions based on evidence,
research and science that lead to lasting behavioural change and tangible business results.


Customer Engagement Day

Performance Assessment

Internal Insights

John Doe

Architect & Engineer

We love that guy

Gap Analysis




John Doe

Architect & Engineer

We love that guy





John Doe

Architect & Engineer

We love that guy

How we support you


We are performance consultants, working in partnership with our clients to drive excellence. Each consultancy project we take on has clear objectives and measurable outcomes. We are passionate about delivering results, demonstrating success and delighting our customers.

Our approach is to get to the heart of your business and to work with you to set and achieve the outcomes that will make the biggest difference; we understand, we diagnose and we deliver. Work with us and we will stretch your thinking, push the boundaries and challenge the norm.



We design learning and change interventions for businesses. Our tailored learning solutions are steeped in science and research, planned around your needs and developed to equip your team for lasting success.

Our strength lies in our ability to understand the needs of our clients and in creating bespoke innovative learning and change interventions to meet those needs.


We are expert coaches, we provide coaching solutions that embed behaviour change in line with personal and organisational objectives. Our team have an energetic and motivational approach and we are passionate about delivering results.

For every project, we set clear objectives and measures that will demonstrate success for your business.

Why work with us?

Our relationship with our clients is built on
expertise, heritage and experience. We
continue to adapt to support our clients as
our industry evolves, most recently with
virtual engagement.

Our Values

These are the cultural cornerstones of our business as we grow.

Healthcare InterAction has become a trusted and respected supplier to our business over the past year.

Development Manager

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Development Manager

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Case Studies

Sales turnaround

£8 million to £12 million MAT within 18 months - powering the turnaround. The sales line for this 8-year-old product had been flatlining for nearly 2 years whilst competitor brands were growing. The client recognised a change was needed and turned to HiA to provide consultancy to identify what change was required and to implement the solutions that would drive that change. The consultation process enabled HiA to gain a thorough and deep understanding of the current situation. This insight informed the solution and the team at HiA designed and delivered solutions that intervened at key stages to increase overall performance. Solutions included re-shaping the campaign to give clear purpose whilst enabling strong communication and maximising impact. HiA also worked with the sales teams - drawing on influence techniques from the work of Professor Robert Cialdini we enabled them to deliver on this new campaign with clear messaging that resonated with HCPs.

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Call analysis and training

There has never been a more important time to make every call count and to add value in each and every HCP interaction. HiA were approached by a leading pharmaceutical company to support a team in improving the customer experience, adding value to each conversation whilst driving improved sales results. The first step was to analyse calls and to perform an AS:IS analysis. This gave clarity around what was currently happening during customer interactions. Interviews with key internal stakeholders also gave HiA a clear picture of “what good looks like” - what ideally the client needed to be happening in these interactions. With the ideal scoped and the current situation understood HiA developed a training intervention that was simple but effective - it involved one simple change in behaviour. This one simple behaviour change led to £4 million in increased sales over the following six months.

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