Environmental, Social and Governance

A Word from our CEO

”I’m proud to say that at HiA we drive positive change by adopting best practice and leading by example. ESG is no exception. For us, it’s more than a compliance requirement, it’s a fundamental way of challenging how we operate to ensure we are greener and more equitable in all we do, embracing sustainable business practices and adding long-term value to both our stakeholders and the planet”

Gary Colleran


Our Guiding Principles


We believe in fostering a strong sense of community. Internally, we prioritise the well-being and growth of our employees, fostering a workplace that encourages diversity, inclusivity, and personal development. Externally, we actively engage with the communities we serve, supporting sustainability initiatives, and giving back through various charitable efforts. We understand that a thriving internal and external community is not only integral to our success but to the collective well-being of our society.

Net Zero

Our commitment to a sustainable future is exemplified by our unwavering dedication to achieving net-zero emissions. We recognise that climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges, and we are determined to do our part in combatting it. We have integrated sustainability practices into every facet of our operations, from reducing our carbon footprint through responsible energy use to promoting eco-friendly alternatives in our services. We actively support and empower our clients to make informed choices that contribute to a greener and more socially responsible world.


We are dedicated to treating our staff, customers, and the individuals we train with the utmost equity and respect. This means fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace where every team member's voice is heard and valued, offering products and services that prioritise ethical and socially responsible practices, and ensuring that our training and coaching services empower and support individuals from all walks of life.